John Sassano’s Rig.  Guitar #1 is a 1978 Ibanez Musician Mc500 modified by Gary Brawer in San Francisco to include an OBEL circuit.  #2 is a red 1965 Guild Starfire III.   I am currently having a custom guitar built by Scott Walker Guitars in Sant Cruz, CA.  I use Brad Sarno’s Classic Tube Preamp with Jerry Garcia mods.  I also use Brad’s Earth Drive and Solar Flare pedals. Other pedals include a vintage Mutron III and newer Beigle envelope filters,   Boss OC-2, Colorsound Wah, and modern delay pedals.  Power amps include a Carvin DCM 200L and for larger shows a McIntosh MC2100.  I also use a “Dan Healey” modified Fender Twin Reverb on occcasion.  Speakers are JBL K-120 or E-120 re-coned with Tone Tubby hemp cones at Abroun Soun in San Rafael, CA.  Cabinets are Hard Truckers or other homemade or re-purposed enclosures.  Thanks to for years of technical guidance!

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