Loose With The Truth

This is the post excerpt.

Loose With The Truth – is a San Francisco Bay Area band playing the music of The Grateful Dead. All of us have been on the bus for several decades, and have deep connections with the music and the scene.  “LWTT” presents an authentic depiction of the San Francisco Sound over the years, with attention paid to the evolution of this style of music.  There is an emphasis on improvisation, creating fresh energy around the Grateful Dead songbook.  The Band started as part of Michael LaMacchia’s Crossroads Musical community in Mill Valley, CA and has received hands-on musical and spiritual coaching from Mark Karan from RatDog and LiveDead ’69. Featuring strong vocal harmonies, the band shares it’s collective magic with hypnotic jams and bone shaking dance grooves!

Loose With The Truth is..

Hank Biddle – Bass and Vocals

Louie Visco – Guitar and Vocals

Christy Silness- Vocals and Keyboards

John Sassano – Guitar and Vocals

Bradley Leach- Drums

Armando Bejarano- Percussion

And sometimes..

Michael Mares- Keyboards

Mike Worrall– Drums

Nick Hardwick- Keys

George Humphreys- Keys

Join our email list by texting LWTT to 22828

Visit us on Facebook at Loose With The Truth


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